Pragati Training Institute was established on December 07, 2013 under the banner of Pragati Insurance Ltd. & Pragati Life Insurance Ltd. Actually PRAGATI Insurance group has been sponsored by renowned business entrepreneurs of the country linked with different industrial groups. The group was established in the vision of participating effectively in the process of providing financial security to the clients as well as to facilitate creation of long term capital in the market. As a visionary leader, our Board of Directors felt the urgency of building a modern Training Institute to create quality manpower. The step was further intensified by our two dynamic Managing Directors. We won’t be here without their active support, cooperation and patronage.

The group believes in the philosophy of “CUSTOMER IS THE KING”.  We also believe that competent & well trained manpower is the key asset for the company which actually can bring excellence in operation. With this end in view, PRAGATI TRAINING INSTITUTE (PTI) is established. The institute also aims at promoting quality & consciously competent trained manpower.

We trained up Total 12,925 key employees and field forces (2,126 In 2014, 3,176 In 2015, 2188 In 2016, and 5,435 In 2017) of both our Life & Non-Life companies. These training courses have profound impact on the over all skill & ability development of our manpower. Our people are now better equipped with modern sales techniques & they have learnt better way of doing business in the contemporary competitive business environment. PTI is run by a fleet of competent & professionally trained trainers.