Mr. Tafsir M. Awal, second son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and Mrs. Nasreen Fatema Awal. He was born in a renowned Muslim family in August 1981 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. He graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA in Telecommunications. He also obtained two Minors in Psychology and Marketing and also completed his Masters in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School in London. Mr. Tafsir is currently engaged with their family business and holding the position of Director of the Multimode Group. He is highly ambitious and devoted to his work. He is currently engaged with the business in IT, FMCG, innovative and Research based Seed production, Processing, Packaging, Distribution and Export & Import sectors in Bangladesh. He also works hard to build a sustainable conglomerate for the benefits of the mass people and economy.  Mr. Tafsir is one of the fore-runners in digitizing the agricultural development and advancement of IT to attain the Goals of SDGs in all required spheres in Bangladesh.