Mr. A.S.M. Mohiuddin Monem  is the Deputy Managing Director of Abdul Monem Group one of the biggest private sector enterprises in Bangladesh. The flagship of the group is Abdul Monem Ltd. One of the largest infrastructure development companies which have built most of the iconic and landmark bridges, highways, roads and construction projects in Bangladesh. Mr. Monem received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from North Eastern University, Boston, U.S.A in 1991 and a Master Degree in Engineering Management from the same institution in 1994, where he graduated with Honors with CUM LADE.

After the graduation he joined Abdul Monem Ltd.(AML) since then he has revolutionized the way of doing business. His dedication, commitment and passion for business have transformed the fortune of Abdul Monem Empire. Under his leadership the business process at AML have gained clockwork efficiency which has been translated into unprecedented growth in Beverage, Ice-cream, Food, Sugar and Construction units. He has successfully set up the first US Bangladesh joint venture BPO operation in IT sector. This is true reflection of his remarkable business acumen.

Mr. Monem is a great believer of community development and believes it is important to take that extra step and go beyond business activities to be a socially responsible citizen. In this spirit, he has set up AML foundation, with a view of endowing various charitable causes for the benefit of the society in general and especially for the less privileged for their education, health care and other amenities.

Mr. Monem is also the director of Pragati Insurance Limited and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce Industries Limited (DCCI).